It’s fall and I suck at social media… I was watching an episode of Big Mouth today and Nick Kroll’s character talked about the ways in which social media, and the instruments we use for it, allow us to be more connected. Late nights when a text is more suitable than a phone call, pictures and videos that allow people all over the world to be in contact, up to date and informed. I’m thankful for the benefits that social media gives us but I’m still not convinced they outweigh the detriments? #cuteoverload blah blah blah we all love a cuddly, fluffy, fresh out da bitch smelling puppy.

I try to imagine ways in which people are interested in the things that I do on a daily basis. Creating music, running an ‘indie’ business, frequent traveller, Nashville, NYC etc… In many ways these are interesting things but it’s never been in my nature to share any of it. I’m proud of my accomplishments and excited for future ones but my natural inclination is to celebrate with friends in like… a bar as opposed to on an iPhone screen…

It’s generational, it’s personal, it’s many things. The opposite is okay too!

I’m about to start a very public approach involving shows, an expensive publicity campaign and the release of a new single called JaleByrds. I clearly want people to know about and connect with my music, I want YOU to connect with it, know about it, come see it live and say hey after the show. Considering the overload of media out there it seems imperative that I embrace the social media aspect of what I do. No baby pictures, no ‘look what amazing fluffy rice dish I am about to scarf down’ and certainly no come buy my shit ads. I guess I’m just having one last moment of professional comfort before I do what is necessary to achieve my goals yet incredibly unnatural feeling. Know what I mean? All comments officially welcome, eeek!

This was good, I can do THIS. Thanks,